Our goals


The aim of the association is to improve the quality of life of the Roma community and the development of the society in general.


Areas of activities of the association in accordance with the goals of the association are:

– democratic political culture

– economy

– culture and arts

– human rights

– international cooperation

– education, science and research

– social work

– protection of health

– other areas of activities


Activities to achieve the goals of the association are:

– education for democratic citizenship

– promoting nonviolence and building peace

– prevention of violence (prevention of violence among children and young people, prevention of domestic violence, prevention

of violence in relationships, other activities of prevention of violence)

– volunteering (promotion and development of volunteering, voluntary center activities, other volunteering activities)

– promotion of social solidarity

– Intercultural dialogue

– suppression of corruption

– encouraging participative democracy / citizen participation in decision-making

– public policy and public advocacy

– civil society development

– local community development

– innovation

– social business

– performing arts

– free Legal aid

– access to information

– gender equality, the fight against racial discrimination, protection of the family, protection of children’s rights, protection of the rights of the young, protection of the rights of persons with disabilities, protection of the rights of persons with mental retardation and the rights of the elderly, protection of the rights of the homeless, protection of rights of sexual and gender minorities)

– development cooperation (democratic transition, peace and security, human rights, education, gender equality)

– international friendships

– other activities of international cooperation

– education and training (development and promotion of education, lifelong learning and adult education, non-institutional upbringing and education, support for education of children and young people with special needs, education and training for active participation in the development of democratic culture, education and education for the protection and promotion of human rights, promotion of creativity and creativity in education, education and education for the protection and promotion of historical and cultural heritage and national identity, international cooperation and mobility in education)

– other activities in the field of education, science and research

– social assistance and support (help and support for the elderly, assistance and support for disabled persons, help and support for children, youth assistance and support, help and support for people at the risk of poverty and social exclusion, help and support for unemployed, help and family support , assistance and support for victims of domestic violence, other activities of social assistance and support)

– social services

– other social activities

– preventive actions, improvement and protection of health (prevention of contagious diseases, prevention and improvement of teeth health, other preventive activities, improvement and protection of health).